Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Appreciation Dinner for Term 06/07

With the EXCO members of Gurney Toastmasters Club stepping down from their Board Of Directors seat serving for six months since the club was chartered in January, new term members were more than willing to serve the club, taking up responsibilities of their newly elected seats.

Even so, we need to appreciate all the hard work done by the past term EXCO members. We had a good Appreciation Dinner with a gathering of 15members, even guest from other club.

The dinner was held on 7th July 2007, a date where many choose to get married to mark the auspicious day, Gurney Toastmasters Club decided to make a wonderful gathering of appreciation.

Thanks to all and hope everyone enjoyed the dinner, what more, RM 30.40 is worth more than anything else other than 6scoops of Haagen Dazs..hehehehe...

Let's recap :

SH Lim (Club Mentor) : 7scoops of ice cream with a lot of advicesss throughout the dinner..

"No...i didn't eat that much, (while whispering) don't tell my wife bout this, thank you"

James Leong (aka Uncle James) : many rounds of ice cream...i lost count how many scoop he had~

"Where got, where got, i only had some chocolate chips ice cream only...oppsss!"

Violet (always a charming lady) : i dont seems to recall her having any ice cream but she must've enjoyed the crab soup steamboat though..

"Oh, i did had a few scoop, my dear..you just didn't get to catch me while i eat them"

Tan Chong Teck (Presiden 06/07) : "I don't care, I don't care...as long as i got my ice cream, nice and steamy..."

Benedict (our young brother) : "hehe..i got u..i need u..i really really want u...my Haegen Dass.."

Sam (not eligible not bachelor of Gurney TMC aka President 07/08) : "haha...don't care, after all these, i can crash the gim some other time..today eat, tomorrow exercise.."

"Let me teach you how to pack some Haagen Dazs..First, get a plastic bag, then, put some ice cream into your mouth, then, slowly 'ueekkk' them out into the bag and run towards the door!!!!"

seriously, i don't even know he's such humurous, or, disgusting...hehehehe...anyhow, we all know he's a good guy :)

Dylan (single & available bachelor of Gurney TMC) : haha..got u with that naughty look~~ :P

"Yo~Gals, call me...Guys, don't bug me"

Ai Li (single & available) : "Don't post this photo, i can't let people see me in this (tam chiak) condition..."

Ying Ying (sweet girl of Gurney TMC) : hhmmm....i think i saw her when to the ice cream stall a few times, wonder how many she had..

"Don't come near me, or you'll get diabetic"

Hooi Koon (the accountant who hates account) : "I'm the new Charlie's Angel with Ying Ying and Ai Li. "

Benjamin (new member) : "This is great, check out my Darlie Smile...hehe...shiny white even with the chicken feet...yummy..."

Kent aka Ho (new member) : "mmm...my Haagen Dazs.. strawberry flavour + coffee flavour = yum yum!! "

Eleanor (guest from MIA Toastmasters Club, soon, dual-membership of Gurney Toastmasters Club as well!!) :

"Don't ask me how much i had, it's just the effect of the gold earings..not my fault, i just can't control it...aaaaa...the earing is alive!!!"

Joanne Tan (haha, yea, i'm the author) :

"I know, i know, i look like i didn't eat anything for the past one month, but hey, this pic is only for entertainment ok....i'm on diet~" :P


The Crazy Charlie's Angels with the Haagen Dazs advertisement.

(ain't they look cute? err..i mean, the middle one)