Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unforgettable Mentor

Mentoring programs are widely practised in most professions, if not all.

In mentoring programs, newcomers are 

usually paired with more experienced people or

mentors in this case to guide and advise them

throughout  their advancement.

Toastmaster, a nonprofit organisation is 

stranger to this system, too.

In fact, this system lays an unshakeable

foundation for the growth of this international


Instead of letting newcomers squirm over 

   blunders made after giving a speech,

the appointed mentors will shower them with
  constructive advices and encouragement

    for achieving self-improvement.

Basically, this is how the mentoring system 

works in Toastmaster.

Whether the system is fully utilised, it 

heavily on the respective individual.

Some consciously realise the existence of this

system, yet, somehow, subconsciously, they

are unwilling to fully subscribe to the

system for certain reasons.

In some cases, the system works so well that

the ordinary mentorship updates to the

unexpected friendship. (Isn't that great?)

In conducting a mentoring session, some

prefer the old, proven ways while some opt 

for novelties to inject bits of freshness.

Either way, they share the common objective, 

that is to attain self - improvement for the 

mentees themselves and ultimately the growth

of the organisation.

Whatever your mentoring experience is, come

and join us.

Share it with us if you want and see how

others' can serve as an eye-opener to us.

        Event : Unforgettable Mentor  
        Date : 21.03.2012 (Wednesday) 

          Time : 08.00pm – 10.00pm

          Venue : Gurney Hotel (Second floor)

For further enquiries, please log on to 



call 012 627 8056 for Vice President of Education.

Mentor is someone whose hindsight can be

your foresight.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Movie Night 2 : The Saga Continues

Innovation and creativity are the qualities that Gurney Hydro Toastmaster Club always exudes.

In contrary to the common perception, public speaking doesn't always  have to be the experience that seems terrifying, serious and stiff to you.

This is especially true for the coming meeting of GHTC that will guarantee you a whole new learning experience.

This time around, the venue will still be a typical conference room, but the happenings inside the room will somewhat take a little twist.

As what many have anticipated, the coming event will be unveiled with the theme ‘Movie Night’ and GHTC will conjure the place to a theatre of fun.

You have probably heard of Disney on Ice where fictional 
characters congregate and skate 


 have you ever come across Toastmasters in Theatre 
  where fictional  characters, 

  be them popping out from cartoon world or live action films
      meet and  speak? And even join you for popcorn and movies?

No kidding. ︻┳═δΈ€.Agent 007 has been engaged to host this grand event and there is still a lot more to unfold.

For just RM 1, you are invited to join GHTC and witness just how those personalities come alive.

               Event : Movie Night                         
          Date : 07.03.2012 (Wednesday) 
          Time : 08.00pm – 10.00pm
          Venue : Gurney Hotel (Second floor)
          Entrance fee : RM 1

  * Popcorn will be served.

For further enquiries, please log on to 

call 012 627 8056 for Vice President of Education.


In terms of enhancing 
    self –confidence and public speaking skills,

GHTC has so much to offer and 
    you can see that in every meeting.

Dubbing itself as the most happening club in town

 in this page is not enough to show you how much

 GHTC has got.

Do drop by this time to experience and feel the passion yourself.