Friday, June 29, 2007

Last Meeting for the 2006/2007 team

In Toastmasters Club, the term for the EXCO members of the club will be from July ~ June and since Gurney Toastmasters Club was chartered in January, it was only about 6 months for the 1st EXCO team to serve.

It was on 27th June that our last meeting was held and to celebrate the great teamwork, we had a little pot luck and invited a lot of guests to the last meeting. It was definitely a great gathering and we have a Full-House that night!

Members and guests paid full attention to the speeches...

Pay attention..

Chirstopher Choong, evaluating on Table Topic speeches.

(Table Topics session is a session where guests and members will be invited to do a 2-minutes speech, impromptu and un-prepared. This will help to enhance creativity of the speakers and of course, add in additional spice of confidence boost!)

Melen, evaluating on Joanne's speech on "I'm Real, Are You?".

Jessica, evaluating on Benjamin's speech on "IntraLasik".

Chia Lih, evaluating on Sam's speech on "The Power of Believing".

Joan Chan, doing General Evaluation.

(In Toastmasters meeting, a General Evaluator will be the person to evaluate on the whole progress of the meeting.)

Ai Li doing the Ah Counter.

(In a Toastmasters meeting, a person will be in charge to count the num. of 'ah' , 'um' or others connection words to your speech)

Sam with the wine..

Congrats to Sam for completing his 10 Projects in Competent Communicator manual!!!

Congratulations to Our 2006/2007 President, CT Tan, for completing his Communication Leadership Manual!!

Congratulations to Joanne Tan, for completing her 10 Projects in Competent Communicator and Communication Leadership Manual!!!

All For One, One For All!!!
That's 2006/07 President Tan (Right) and 2007/08 President Sam Koay(Left).

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Joint Installation Dinner meeting no.1

Being a part of District 51's Division N and Division S, Gurney Toastmasters Club is in the circle of Division N & S Joint Installation Dinner this coming 28th of July 2007.

Members of Gurney Toastmasters Club were invited to attend the meeting which was held last 15th and were given task in souvenirs and PA system control. Ai Li, Joanne and Sam Koay volunteered to help out in the committee.

The meeting was held at Mizu Spa and the committee members enjoyed the smoothly organized gathering cum meeting on dat day. The meeting then continue with Birthday celebration AG Pala and AG Peng Yew, with non other than a good chocolate mint cake..yumyum..thanks to 'nenek' Joan Ang, the Organizing Chairlady of the Joint Installation Dinner.

By the way, the Joint Installation Dinner will be held on 28th July 2007 in Bayview Georgetown Hotel at 7.00pm sharp. Theme of the dinner will be 'Blue & Silver'. Ticket will be at RM50 per pax. Interested to attend? Just drop me a line here....

the cake..

the birthday boys...

happie bird day to u..happie bird day to u...

aiyo..let the 'nenek' do the job..she's more experience~

come your mouth...

2 Area Governors : Jessica & Pala (the birthday boy)

Eddy with his 'licking adventure'...

Overall, it was a great meeting..what more, with eddy's 'licking adventure', everything was laughter..