Sunday, January 30, 2011

Caring For Children Protection Society

The Children's Protection Society (CPS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization catering to the needs of neglected and/or abandoned children in Penang. Their priority is to provide children at risk with a safe, supportive and conducive environment (The Shelter).

Their priority is the running of The Shelter, caters for 34 children, ages between 5 to 17. Many of their children came from traumatic and painful background. Therefore, many of their children are not regular school goers, this majority are academically weak when they go to the home.

On a beautiful Sunday (Jan 30), few of us from Gurney Hydro Toastmasters including some friends were present at the Children Protection Society (CPS).

As Chinese New Year is just round the corner, we wanted to spread some love and joy with the children at CPS Shelter. When we arrived, we were delighted to be greeted by some of the children and the housemother - Mrs. Bala that we met two years ago.

Thanks to our members that were present to make this event a successful one and we would also like to extent our special thanks to the followings:
  • Immediate Past President (IPP) Chan Jyh Woei and his wife Boon Bee for coming all the way from Singapore;
  • Mr Clement Chang and Ms Betty from Harrisons Trading (Sabah) Sdn Bhd / Ten to Ten Marketing Sdn Bhd for donating seven cartons of Milo for the children;
  • Ah Kit and Kelly from Ming Xiang Tai Pastry House for their delicious egg tarts and pastries;
  • UMW Staffs for their kind cash contributions;
    Sam Koay             RM 300         Jeffrey Pang         RM 150          Lynx Chong          RM 100

    Looi Lai Fung        RM 100        Ng Yong Shan       RM 100         KB Tan                 RM 50
    Sandra Cheong      RM 50          Peter Loke             RM 50          Shamsul               RM 50
    Ng Kam Pun          RM 50           Fly Lim                  RM 20          Chew Lay Khoon   RM 20
    Tan Boon Kai         RM 20         Teh Hun Seng         RM 20          Cheng Chin Seng   RM 20
  • Friends and family for their contributions
    Ai Ling, Willie & Natalie Song        RM 200               Helen Lee                    RM 100
    Ooi Poh Hua                                   RM 100               Chan Jyh Woei             RM 100
    Ai Li                                                RM 50                 Rudi Herrmann             RM 50
    Tan Hooi Koon                               RM 50
Attached is the receipt of the workbooks & books that we bought including donations.
 We got the children lots of educational materials, cartons of Milos, freshly made egg tarts that smelt heavenly, mandarin oranges, set up the projector, displayed some gifts that we wanted to give out to the children for participating and preparing for the sharing session from both Toastmaster Simon Tan and Sam Koay.

We bought them workbooks, dictionaries, story books, colour encyclopedia and lots of different motivational books such as Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, Andrew Mathews and etc.

As we are setting up the place, the children amused themselves by watching us and going through the pile of educational materials and gifts that we brought in. Toastmaster Ai Li started the afternoon by introducing to the children Toastmaster Simon Tan and Sam Koay. She encouraged them to pay attention to the sharing, as their active participation during the Q&A session at the end will earn them special gifts that they can pick from the gift table.

The children we all excited when Simon started his sharing by giving out peeled mandarin oranges. He shared with the children on how to reuse the orange peel to make enzyme for cleaning purposes and the enzymes will be ready for use after three months.Some of the children were happily telling us that they do take turns to help out with the some cleaning chores at the Shelter.

After Simon's session, Sam introduced himself and continued his sharing by showing the children a video of Nick Vujicic. The video was about Nick Vujicic, an inspiring man being born without arms or legs but the love he holds overcomes any physical limitation that he faces in life.

Sam encouraged the children to speak up and share their thoughts after watching the video and a lot of them participated actively.

A lot of them were grinning from ear to ear after sharing their opinion and they get to choose their little gift.
We started to distribute to them Milos, mandarin oranges and egg tarts at the end of the session.

Lucky us, we had the opportunity to taste some very delicious and fresh from the oven egg tarts and mini chicken pies from Ming Xiang Tai Pastry House.

It was mouth watering and the kids loved it!

Ok, sharing is caring. Pssst, if you're wondering where you can get these tarts, their shop is available along the row of heritage shops at Burma Road on your left after Telekom.

It was a Sunday well spent. I look forward to visiting the children again =) Let us know if you're keen to join us the next time we are visitng Children's Protection Society. See you soon!