Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A New Resolution!

The first meeting of the year marked a great gathering and sharing session amongst members and guests of Gurney Toastmasters Club.

The meeting was held on 9th Jan and what interesting was, everyone was given a yellow card to write their new year resolutions. The card will then, be kept by everyone and as promised, a 'review' will be done at the end of the year, this December 2008.

The assignment speech session was well-done and everyone learned something from every speakers!

We learned that Eugene, our 2weeks-old member who presented his Icebreaker speech, is a person who love basketball and his new year resolution is to reduce another 10kg!!

(Now, can anyone tell him that I'm far visibly fatter than him~!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa~~)

Hooi Koon presented a research speech on "Fruits". And all of us learned that eating fruits after meal is not advisable as the nutrient will disappear faster than having food half hour before meal. Besides, drinking fruit juice is best replace mineral water as it provides vitamins to the body....oooooo......

Voilet presented her advanced speech on "A Role Model For Toastmaster". And the whole speech was impressive that our President Sam was so flattered having mentioned that an 'award' is given to recognize his commitment towards Toastmasters. (ehem ehem..)

And yours truly, presented a speech that even the men are pretty much interested, breast cancer movement, with the title "Wear It Pink". I even managed to get Lynx to assist me in breast cancer checking procedures. All members are given a pink ribbon, and i'm so glad, everyone learned about the important issue and are more serious into that threat now......

Besides the great assignment speeches, the table topic presented by Toastmaster Ying Ying was so much fun! Topics vary from new year resolutions to current issue involving the latest 'big shot affair' on the news. Members and guests were all participating with so much enthusiasm and indeed, the topics are something that everyone enjoyed the most!

Thanks to our guests, Angie, Irene, Yin Yin and Eleanor for joining us for the meeting...ehem..u gals should not forgot about the resolution too ya~!!

Before everyone is allowed leave the meeting, we need to read out our 2008 Resolution written on the yellow card. Here's the list of 2008 Resolutions;
Sam ~ to join and challange a triathlon event.
Angie ~ earn enough to buy a new car
Violet ~ to be a PR lecturer
Eleanor ~ to start her own business
Yin Yin ~ to get her 1st patient for her dental business
Eugene ~ to reduce another 10kg
Joanne ~ to reduce to 50kg
Kent ~ to earn more $$ in business
Irene ~ to let her passion leads her life
BEnedict ~ to maintain education goals and achievement
HooiKoon ~ to go to Turkey
Ying Ying ~ to start piano class for kids
Lynx ~ to stop smoking
Cindy ~ to bring her whole family and in-laws for a tour
and as a gentle reminder,

"Resolve to perform what you ought, and perform without fail what you resolve"

~ Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Cheers!

It was a day after Christmas and the spirit of yuletide still fill the air with of course, non other than presents presents and presents...wooohooo~

We had our Christmas Cheers themed meeting last week and what more can i say, i'm so touched! Everyone was there and once again, we're as HAPPENING as always~!!

Every members and guests are informed to bring along a present to exchange and everyone are encourage to wear their Santa hat, well, this was not successful though..many seems to forget their hats at home, while our President, Sam, happily announced that he 'borrow' his son's Santa hat..hahahaha...

The meeting was filled with potluck once again, and we had the best Satay in town, the best Fried Noodle (mamak style), the best fruits, the best cream puffs, the best cakes and most of all, the best music to fill the whole room. All thanks to all the members who put their effort and their love into the club, making it such amazing and fun!

Oh ya, before i forgot, we even have guest all the way from Saudi Arabia! He's non other than Ahmed Al-Ottaibi, Jeddah Club President. He was on his holiday and managed to found Gurney Toastmasters Club meeting from the blogs....hehee, ain't i proud of the internet!!

We even have Toastmaster TK Cheah, Ipoh Syuen President who came all the way from Ipoh to visit us on Christmas. Thank you so so so so much for your visit!!

Last but not least, Gurney Toastmasters Club would like to wish everyone, a happy happy happy Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year!!