Sunday, June 17, 2012


From the job interview you are fearful of to the day-to-day conversations you are awkwardly engaged in to the article that makes you scratch your head off to the movies that strain your ears, English is just everywhere. The importance of the international language just can't be stressed anymore.

Yes, you might be good at your mother tongue (Hockkien, Malay, Chinese etc..). In Toastmasters, if language is no barrier, everyone can be a great speaker of the language they are familiar with. So what's the point of humiliating yourself with the language (English in this case) that is alien to you?

Researches have shown that being bilingual or picking up another language can ward off dementia. Interestingly, learning it in Toastmasters clubs which feature social interation will provide no ground for the disease in your brain. For maximum health benefits, don't hesitate to hop on any Toastmaster club nearby.

 In Toastmasters, giving off a great speech shouldn't be perceived as an act of superirority or a show of strength. That doesn't conform to the Toastmasters' objective of providing a helpful and learning environment to the members and guests. If there is anyone who humiliates you, it is your low self-esteem. That further convinces you to lengthen your stay in the international 
organisation which helps build self-confidence and self-worth.

Narrowing down to the case of Gurney Hydro Toastmasters Club, it has so much to offer in terms of improving and perfecting your English  :

1. Its intrinsic qualities. 
    Mr. Precise and Mr. Right in grammar, pronunciation, 
    intonation, body language etc. are aplenty in the club. Its
    membership that boasts a veteran journalist, a native of
   England and high achievers would make your Toastmaster
   experience in GHTC an irresitible one. Being a part of GHTC
   means you are on the right track in polishing your English with
   added features.

2. The vast room of personal growth for each and every 
    The experienced and seasoned speakers in the club have been
    longing for new blood. The friendly figures with a charming
    smile on their face all the time are readily to share and proffer
    just any advice to the keen and receptive learners. Even though
    by just sitting on the chair with a laid-back manner, you are 
    bound to benefit  a lot and are likely to be inspired. However,
    that isn't enough to spike your personal growth. There are plenty
    of speech slots and roles which you might want to give them a
    try. Due attention will be given to your areas of
    improvement, making your Toastmaster experience a worthwhile

The fundatmentals of mastering any language are reading, speaking, listening and writing. With that in mind, joining Toastmasters would have helped you kill three birds in one stone. You get to speak and listen to others in the regular meetings. Besides, you get to read the insightful Toastmasters' home-grown magazines that will turn up on your doorstep monthly.

The benefits of enegaging yourself with Toastmasters' activities are so much so that you can bottle it. Now, get your right bottle by attending GHTC's coming meeting :

Event : English - Lighting the path to career success
Date : 20.06.2012 (Wednesday)
Time : 08.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue : Gurney Hotel (Second floor)
*Admission is free.
For further enquiries, please log on to or call 012 627 8056 for Vice President of Education.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Succession Planning

Any organisation is like a machine, new cogwheels are in need
   to  replace the worn out ones.
Therefore, there is a thing called AGM.

While the appearance of new faces at the helm breathes a new 
 lease of life, 
     the oldies who have just stepped down shouldn't be regarded
     as mere history.

As there is a thing called Succession Planning, the veterans are fundamentally vital, still.

An organization withhout a proper succession planning is meant to disintegrate whenever havoc befalls.

      Passing down a job to someone who has no inkling not
       only spells disaster for them, but also the whole organisation
          as well.

As the Asian proverb has it,
   building a castle is difficult, defending and maintaing it is
   harder still.

In this case, the saying 'old is gold' certainly makes a lot of sense.

Under the guidance of the veterans, silhoutte of the unknown can
   be easily figured out by the helm takers.

By utilising the veterans' experience, many problems can be  
   foreseen and forestalled, reducing unecessary jitters and anxiety.

After letting the dust to settle for a while,
       it's time for GHTC to plan and succeed,
                    bringing the club to another level.

Just how GHTC conducts it, definitely it has its own style while making sure everyone who will be present truly benefit from the meeting.

Event : Succession Planning

Date : 06.06.2012 (Wednesday)

Time : 08.00pm – 10.00pm

Venue : Gurney Hotel (Second floor)

*Admission is free.

For further enquiries, please log on to

 call 012 627 8056 for Vice President of Education.

                                                         Failing to plan is planning to fail.

                                                                                  Alan Lakein