Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Toastmasters

Organized by Farlim and MCA Penang Toastmasters Club, the joint Halloween themed meeting was held on 28th October 2008 at Northern Tower, Penang. The meeting was attended by Joanne, President of Gurney Toastmasters Club, as the 'devil'...

The themed meeting was a well-done job as it has a great arrangement of programme and the atmosphere of all participants make it a success!

Lights were off with a masked skeleton hanging at the white board, with creepy music from famous ghost story, craved pumpkin, funny looking hotdogs and biscuits as well as reddish syrup served as drinks...indeed, interesting meeting.

The table topic was very exciting as it represent Halloween with treat or trick style, members will have to choose their sweets and speak from the title attached to the sweets. And not to forget, Christopher Choong with his noisy sound effect each time an applause...

Christopher and KhooBY with the 'bloody eyeballs' drinks..

President of MCA Penang, Khai Shing.

Huan Chee Giap with his speech on CPU.

Carmen and her speech on the importance of taking care of our ears.
Last but not least, a picture with all the 'ghost' of Halloween!!
From Left : Andy Lim (Farlim Toastmasters Club), Christopher "Hotdog Ghost" (Penang Advanced Toastmasters Club), Joanne Tan "Red Devil" (Gurney Toastmasters Club) and Eleanor Ooi "Black Widow" (Voices Toastmasters Club)

Hari Raya Bersama Gurney Toastmasters Club

It's a multinational country, and multi-cultural celebration...so, we decided to have out Hari Raya Aidilfitri meeting on the very first day of Hari Raya itself, 1st October 2008.

Gurney Toastmasters Club has always been popular for organizing interesting themed meeting and this great celebration was not an exception eventhough it was the first day of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

The festive celebration meeting was attended by non-malays but the meeting was so much about different culture of Malaysia. The table topic was about the Malay culture and even, the food served was more of Hari Raya kuih-muih than normal cakes and cookies...

Ms President as a nyonya :)

Sue wont the Best Evaluator award while Chris won the Best Table Topic award presented by the president.

Area S Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Gurney Toastmasters Club was represented by the champions of the club in the Area S3 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest, Joanne Tan for her "Are You Man Enough?" humorous speech and James Leong for the Evaluation Contest.

Although Gurney Toastmasters Club was merely a club of 2years old, we have managed to produce great challenger, good competitor and guess what, interesting play of fighting spirit!!

The Area S3 & S7 contest was held at Dell Penang's cafeteria and the turn out was massive to witness the champion to represent the Area for the Division Contest.

Humorous Speech Contest
Joanne Tan : Gurney Toastmasters' Champ, Area S3's 1st Runner-Up...

From Left : Contest Chair, Area S3 Governor, Champion "Super Muthu", 1st Runner-Up Joanne Tan and Organizing Chair...

Evaluation Contest
James Leong : Gurney Toastmasters' 1st Runner-up, Area S3's 1st Runner-Up..

From Left : Area S3 Governor, Champion Christopher Choong, 1st Runner-up James Leong, Contest Chair, Organizing Chair...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who say Toastmasters don't know how to party??

It was rainy season, and we actually planned for a poolside party with pirates theme, but then again, better not get ourselves wet, else, everybody else might end up knowing a feverish Toastmaster than a real Toastmasters.

So, members of Gurney Toastmasters Club gathered and planned for a party for everyone, especially to promote the club and to promote the benefit of public speaking and communicating.

"Cowboy Party" was the theme, 6th September 2008 was the date and 50 people was the turn out. Unfortunately, we are only able to share a few pictures as the cameraman was unable to upload the photos taken on that night to the President. The party was held at 1 Persiaran Gurney multipurpose hall and was attended by toastmasters and residents of the apartment.

Anyway, it was a potluck party with Division S Education and Training Director Christopher Choong, was specially invited from speak on the importance of listening and speaking as well as the confidence of public speaking.

*Pictures will be uploaded once received. Apology.

Cameraman, Joseph Chen from Sungai Ara Toastmasters Club.
Sam explaining about Toastmasters to guest.

Hooi Koon and Ying Ying, our long lost friend.
Good luck to Ying Ying on her new journey in career in Kuala Lumpur!!

The 3 musketeers!
Dylan, Kent and Chris as the wired cowboys!

One for all, all for one!!

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest 2008/09

Gurney Toastmasters Club and Maverick Toastmasters Club had our joint club Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest 2008 on 27th August 2008.

Each year, there will be 2 important contest for each club to select her champion to represent the club, and hopefully till the World Stage. Contests will be divided into Humourous and Evaluation Contest; and Table Topic and International Speech Contest. While the Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest will be held at the end of the year, which is on the early term of a fiscal year, the Table Topic Contest and International Speech will be held towards the mid of second term.

This year, Gurney Toastmasters Club hold hands in hands with the Maverick Toastmaster Club in organizing the contest. And as usual, the winner will be representing the club for the Area Contest, then to the Division contest and to the District Contest.

Anyway, the amazing part this year was, the organizing team made of Gurney Toastmasters and Maverick Toastmasters only had their meetings online through emails and yet, the event was successfully organized with great entertainment from the participants.

Less word, more pictures...enjoy!!

The Organizing Chairman, Kent Ho, his first time to chair a contest!

The trophies for the contest.

Winner for Gurney Toastmasters Club for the Humorous Speech Contest is Ms President, Joanne Tan for her speech entitled : Are You Man Enough?

Humorous Speech 1st Runner-up, Mr Vice President Education, James Leong

Humorous Speech 2nd Runner-up, Mr Vice President Public Relations, Chris Lee

This year's Evaluation Contest won by Mr Immediate Past President, Sam Koay

Evaluation Contest 1st Runner-up, Chris Lee

Evaluation Contest 2nd Runner-up, James Leong

Last but not least, a pic for all!!
From Left : Gabriel Gim (Humorous Speech and Evaluation Champion of Maverick Toastmasters Club), Eugene Cheah (Gurney TMC), James Leong (Gurney TMC), Chris Lee (Gurney TMC), Sam Koay (Gurney TMC), Penny Ooi (Maverick TMC), Joanne Tan (Gurney TMC), Kent Ho (Organizing Chair). [back] Dylan Yeoh (Humorous Speech Contest Chair), Lynx Choong (Gurney TMC) and Area S3 Governor Cheah Ee Liang.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Joint Installation Dinner 2008

Joint Installation Dinner was held on 2nd August 2008, the event was the most memorable for many as it marks the starting of teh new term for 2008/09 EXCO of both Division S and Division N in District 51.

Attended by more than 360 members all over Penang, it was a recognition of those who've been putting their best effort for the betterment of Toastmasters movement in both the divisions. The Joint Installation Dinner was held to introduce the new EXCO for the new term as well as to recognize the effort of many throughout the year. This annual event was held at Gurney Hotel, Penang this year and it was indeed a great hardwork payoff for the committee members as this time around mark the most attendance so far.

Gurney Toastmasters Club was also recognized as yours truly, Joanne Tan was recognized as the Toastmasters of the year 2007/08 and the Area S3 Toastmasters of The Year 2007/08.

Enjoy the pictures!

Gurney Toastmasters Club EXCO for the year 2008/09. Where is James, my VP Education??

Gurney Toastmasters Club President 2007/08 Sam Koay and President 2008/09, Joanne Tan.

What's a dinner without food? Sam and Chris proves it all..the importance of food! hehe..

The luckiest man, Chris is the only person who got the lucky draw. A toaster, to prove he's now, a true toastmasters...

The men in the club, Kent, Eugene, Sam, Lynx ans Chris.

Benedict Tan, Sergeant At Arms of Gurney Toastmasters Club.

Dylan Yeoh, Honorary Treasurer of Gurney Toastmasters Club 2008/09

Eugene Cheah, Honorary Secretary of the club.

Chris Lee, Vice President of Public Relations 2008/09

Lynx Chong (with spectacles), Vice President Membership 2008/09

The President, taking oath to serve the club to the best of ability. Yup, to the best of ability!

Oath from all the Presidents of clubs in Division S and Division N for the year of 2008/09

Promise of all the Toastmasters in attendance to assist and bring the best of Toastmasters to the club and to the public!

Toastmasters of the Year for 2007/08 - Club Level

Toastmasters of the Year for Area S3 2007/08

Friday, September 5, 2008

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) Training 2008

It was merely a week before taking over the Club EXCO role for the fiscal year of July 2008 ~ June 2009, Toastmasters from around the Division N & S of District 51 were invited to a TLI Training in Dell Penang on 29 June 2008.

The training is to provide enough education and platform for future EXCO members of the clubs to learn about their role and responsibilities in managing the club. Each club EXCO will be given an educational training to prepare themselves to serve the club for the year.

Each role of President, Vice President - Membership, Education, Public Relations, Treasurer, Secretary and Sergeant-At-Arms were given trainings and explanation on how to manage the club's welfare and the club's meeting, especially.

EXCO members for Gurney Toastmasters 2008/2009

President Joanne Tan

Vice President Education James Leong

Vice President Membership Lynx Chong

Vice President Public Relations Chris Lee

Treasurer Dylan Yeoh

Secretary Eugene Cheah

Sergeant-At-Arms Benedict Tan
Please take note that starting from September 2008, Gurney Toastmasters Club meeting will be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to email joanne_tij@yahoo.co.uk (President Joanne Tan) or jamesleongek@yahoo.com (Vice President Education).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

June Babies

Kent and Chris celebrated their birthday on June 25, 2008.
Well, am not going to reveal their age, but yes, they're both SAA (Single And Available)..
Here goes some pictures for the record!

The birthday boys..

The candle blowing ceremony..

The meeting of 25th June 2008.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rhythm of Life, 1st Runner-up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the World Championship of Public Speaking 2008

It was indeed a great news for District 51 as a champion is born!!

Copied from an email from Richard Chong @ Ritchie ACS / ALB, Lt.Gov Education & Training 2008/2009 on August 17, 2008.

--- August 16th 2008 ~ 4pm Calgary, Alberta, Canadian Time & Date

District 51 2008/2009 - "The Courage to Conquer"

Dear Esteemed Division Governors & Area Governors,

District 51 shall now be fill with pride and joy after the results of the 2008 World Championship of Public Speaking.

The winning speech of K.Loghandran entitled "Rhythm of Life" has indeed find its way to the audience of approximately 1,ry600 people as well as to the judges hearts.

LOGANDRAN KRISHNASAMY was announced as the 1st runner-up of the 2008 WCPS. His speech revolved around the theme that asked us
to find the rhythm in our life, to live life to the fullest and to dance to the rhythm of our life!

We are now very proud to finally not only having a finalist in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking but a proud winner in itself. Congratulations to Loghandran and District 51.

For Pictures & to send congratulatory messages ,please visit http://ritchierc.blogspot.com/

Division S International Speech Contest 2007/08

I know it's a bit too late, but at least i wanted to post this up for others to know who the champion was for Gurney Toastmasters Club.

James Leong (4th from the left) was the winner for Gurney Toastmasters Club and represented the club in a journey of excitement in the International Speech Contest. James went all the way to the Area Contest and last to the Division Contest where he presented his speech on his adventure in roller blading.

With the title of "Never Too Old", he gave a very strong moral to all toastmasters that learning should never be old when he shared his roller blading adventure. James took up his roller blading class last year's September and fell and got up and fell and got up until he is now, a pro roller blader..and yes, he's an pensioner from Singapore Air Force, an over 60 year-old grandpa of 2 grandchildren.

James didn't make it in the Division Contest where the International Speech winners from 3 Division in District 51 battled it out in the District 51 Annual Convention 2008 in April 18-20, 2008 in Gurney Hotel, Penang. But his speech sure does spark some eyes, especially for many who hold their hands together throughout James' speech while he was on his roller blade, on the stage!!

Anyway, great speech, James!!

Hope to see you be at your best again this year, and of course, with your determination, nothing will be impossible!