Sunday, June 21, 2009

Exercising Our Muscles And Traditions @ Pantai Kerachut!

One fine day (June 7), members of the Gurney Hydro TMC decided to take a stroll in the jungle and to be one with nature at the "End of the World".

It took us an hour to strenuously wade through the jungle trek, among pesky mosquitos, huge ants, and fallen logs. It was so very tough that we had to play a game - everyone in the hiking line had to construct a word based on the last alphabet of a word started by another person, etc.

All the while, Bernard was way out up front leading the way. More exercise needed eh, other members of the Gurney-Hydro TMC?

Thankfully, when we reached the "End of the World", the world didn't end with a sheer cliff off into oblivion. Instead, we were presented with a beautiful beach.

What's to do on a beautiful beach on a lovely sunny day, you may ask?

Well, for one, you could hold a Toastmasters meeting. We held a short Toastmaster's meeting where the TOM was in charge (TOM = Toastmasters of the Morning). Dylan gave an assignment speech and table topics centered around the being one with nature. That is - the topics required the participants to choose an object where they would associate themselves with and give a speech for at least 1 minute. During the process, we learned that the French word for "joyful" is "joyeaux" from Bernard.

Another thing to do on a beautiful beach would be to throw your Immediate Past President (IPP) into the ocean. Yes. This is our wacked Gurney-Hydro tradition of sending off the ex-President at the end of the term. Remember how King Arthur was mysteriously carried off to Avalon in a boat after he was mortally wounded during the Last Battle? We were thinking of something similar, but there was no boat for Queen Joanne.

Incoming President Chan will need to hire some bodyguards next year. Anyone up for hire?

Of course, how could we forget food?? While we were savoring bits and pieces of kuih and sandwiches to make up for our glycogen losses, Wan and Bernard were chatting away on the origins of the universe, Easter Island, evolution, aliens, and string theory.

The truth is out there...

It was already past noontime when the feeding frenzy ended, so we ended up taking a few more photos and hitching a boat ride back to the main entrance of the hike.

Alas, we were still hungry so we ended up at "No Eye Deer" for our late lunch. It's really confusing if you tell people over the phone that you are at "No Eye Deer" for lunch, but it's not as bad as say... the place called "Bed" (in Bellissa Row). Imagine telling "I am in [insert shop name] with John and Mary, you wanna join?"

That would make a grown man blush.