Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New details about our new "Home"

Hello again. This coming Wednesday (31st July 2013) we will be having our meeting at Gurney Beach Resort, which is our new "home". Our new home is located opposite of Gurney Tower / Gurney Hotel. Members and guest will have to sign in through the guard house.Our meeting starts at 8pm to 10pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Do come by and join us with lots of fun during the meeting.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New officers contacts

Hello again.I am here to post up the new officers' contacts for the this term (2013/2014), just in case of any emergencies for fellow guests.

President: Hasrul Rahman  (012-2445398)
Email: hasrulandry2008@yahoo.com

VP.Education: Kelly Ting (016-6717150)
Email: kels.yeeru@gmail.com

VP.Membership: Sharil Sukor (016-4943441)
Email: sharil_s@hotmail.com

VP.Public Relations: Lai Mun Yee (016-4789335)
Email: lmunyee_93@yahoo.com

Secretary: Kee Swee Yen (016-4220300)
Email: sweeyen88@gmail.com

Treasurer: Cheong Zien Wei (012-6278056)
Email: cheongzw@gmail.com

Sargeant-At-Arms: Teoh Phaik Yuh (012-5323684)
Email: cordelia_teoh@hotmail.com

Immediate Past President: Phil Ackman (017-4553697)
Email: phil.ackman@gmail.com