Saturday, January 24, 2009

GurneyTMC Caring Project

To many, Chinese New Year celebration is about having a great family dinner together in our cozy dining room with lots of fish, chicken, meat, vegetables and of course, great drinks!

To some, it's that time of the year where holiday begins with $$ and this is especially meaningfull for kids who love the feeling of 'ang pow' filling up their pockets and bags.

To children at the Children Protection Society, it's a whole different story.

With a little thought of sharing and a little effort to keep the spirit of giving and sharing a great Chinese New Year, Gurney Toastmasters Club members initiated a visit to the Children Protection Society (CPS). The centre, located at Scotland Road, Penang, is a shelter for children who were abused, tortured and even abandoned by their parents, and loved ones.
With approximately 30 children under the care of 2 house mother, the centre provide shelter, food and studies for the children aged between 5 till 18 years old. These children are from all over Penang and are from different races, but living together means a lot to them as support for each other are very strong can easily be found here, at the Children Protection Society. Don't be surprised when you meet some of very intelligent and active children there!!

We were there last night from 8pm till 10.30pm, to offer our help in terms of entertaining and guiding the children towards a better education journey. We separated the children into 2 groups, the primary school and secondary schools.

Sam, Ai Li and Benjamin Liaw (PAH Toastmasters Club) took the lead in providing education and motivation talk to the secondary school children while Joanne, Dylan, Wooi Fun (Intel Toastmasters Club) and Denise (Intel Toastmasters Club) brought some joy with games to the kids of those in primary school. We were glad that Mable, our long-missed member showed up with some dictionaries and even Mr Khoo and wife (Penang MCA Toastmasters Club) came with balloons sculptures to captures the heart of everyone there!
Thanks a million to everyone who offered their heart and hands to help cheer the children at CPS last night, 23rd January 2009. With this, i attached the pictures for your viewing pleasures and of course, with hope that you, would offer your love to those in need, especially during festive seasons like this.

* Gurney Toastmasters Club would like to extend our deepest appreciation to everyone that sent who send their love and support for this project by sponsoring money and food for the orphans.

To all the staffs at UMW, thank you for sponsoring in kind of purchase of dictionaries, reference books, motivational books and chess games.
To Joan Chan (Penang YMCA Toastmasters Club), thank you for your monetary support and advise for the project.
To KK Chee (Butterworth & Penang Advanced Toastmasters Club), Past District 51 Governor, thank you for your kindness in communicating with Tan Mark Bookstore which leads to the sponsoring of books and very useful workbooks for the children.
To Tan Mark Bookstore Manager, thank you for your kindness and support towards the project.
To Mr Soon Guan Pin from Thye Sun Hup Kee, thank you for sponsoring MILO drinks, water tumbler and exercise books for the children.

And here are the pictures!!

Sam giving motivational talk to the children in the secondary school.

Looking like a teacher, Sam!!

Joanne, Dylan and Wooi Fun helping out Ming in his charade acts.

Joe, one of our favourites, he's a life-wire!!

Q&A Session

Dato' Khoo (Penang MCA Toastmasters Club) with his balloons scultures!!

Some of the slides for the motivational talk by Sam , speech about encouragement, displine, confidence and future..

Joanne, Dylan, Wooi Fun and Denise in the secret talk with the kids..on the deepest darkest secret.
*The most heartache talk is from Joe, he was abused by his uncle - with belt and long stick.

Dylan in his 'too-too train sentence' game..

Check out Chun and Wooi Fun ! Priceless smile!

Chun, 7, a great fan of Nicholas Teo...sang us 'Tong Hua' at the end of the game.

The girls, Meena, Huey Ling, Letchu and Banu in their Tamil song..cute!

Sam and Ai Li helping out and briefing the kids on the books, which will be placed in their 'mini library' created by us.

Some of the books, games and MILO sponsored. Thanks a million to all the sponsors!!

Presentation of the sponsorship...

Ang Pow session!!

Balloon pic with the kids!!

Last but not least, a picture for all!! It is indeed a great memory and a great way to start a new year of the Ox!!